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You might also try the free option that Let’s Encrypt provides you with.

Proxy? No thanks.
Never browse through a proxy, particularly if it’s a free proxyserver. Online there are many websites where they advise that a proxy to browse anonymously. You shouldn’t confuse anonymous with insurance.

If you browse through a proxy all of your traffic goes through a server of someone you don’t know. Many of these proxies advertise themselves precisely to spy on the traffic which passes through them and to steal private data.

It is highly advisable to install an SSL certificate on your site and access via HTTPS since this way the information will travel encrypted within the network.

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When you navigate HTTPS, all the data is sent encrypted to the server, so that when there’s a user connected to the identical network as you who’s trying to steal your access credentials, they will only see a succession of characters without any meaning.
You’ve got more information about it in the article What is an SSL certificate and how it protects my information.
You do not need to purchase the priciest certification on the market, with a standard RapidSSL certificate it is possible to use it.
You can also try the free option that Let us Encrypt offers you.
2. Use strong passwords

In case you’ve got a password of the type, it’s currently taking time to alter it.
A fantastic password should include uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and special characters (such as a comma, an at, or even a hyphen).

The length of the password is also an important factor to consider. It’s recommended that it be 12 characters or more.
In case you have problems remembering a password of the kind, you can opt to build one which is simpler for you to remember, for example”25beatriz — Seguro ++ 35″.
Do not make it simple for attackers!
Never store passwords on your browser, use an encrypted password manager like our cyberprotector.com service.
Short or long passwords can be compromised. Always use another factor of authentication!
Dual the security using dual authentication
Utilize a dual authentication factor whenever you can, you will see that configuring it and beginning to use It’s Very simple: 2FA CiberProtector
You are able to enable it to use it with password managers and with your email. Having email protected is important, as many reminders or passwords are sent through email. Don’t be overcome by laziness and enable it!
Your team

Protect your equipment

You need to keep the gear and devices from where you get the management of your WordPress clean and protected.

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Many malicious consumers locate a gateway when users join to WordPress management from a hacked computer. After the user enters the passwords, the attackers catch that info and then there’ll no more be a potential security measure to protect against a disaster.
Updated operating system and browser
Maintain the operating system along with your browser updated, you may select the browser you enjoy the most but make sure you’re using the most recent version (pleasedo not use Internet Explorer 6 or outdated browsers).
Ideallyyou should configure automatic upgrades, this way you be certain you are up to date preventing the job of upgrading manually.

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As much as you can, avoid browsing”suspicious” sites, as some of them will try to install unwanted programs on your own computer.
Don’t use”pirated” operating systems or install programs from P2P applications or download pages, because they may include a”gift” in the kind of a Trojan.
Always download the programs you’re going to install from the developers’ website.
Antivirus and Antivirus
You need to have a fantastic antivirus and an upgraded firewall, since using an antivirus having an old virus database is practically exactly the same as with none.
Maintain the default option anti virus firewall and security scan options enabled and run a complete scan of your computer each week.
If the antivirus you are using doesn’t have a firewall, then consider adding one.

You can also see the way to disable or enable the Windows firewall in this link: Enable and disable Windows firewall.