7 advantages and 3 disadvantages of a beginner blog

1 year ago by thomas lazzaroni 5278





A beginner blog is often seen as the guarantor of a freer and more independent life. But before you get there, you have to give yourself a minimum. A blog does not only have advantages, there are also disadvantages.

Today we will see 7 pros and 3 cons of a beginner blog. The number of positive points is greater than the negative points, but this is only my opinion.

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7 advantages of a beginner blog

1- We can take advantage of the darkness to make mistakes. When you start a blog, that blog is not known. We take advantage of this obscurity to allow ourselves to make a lot of mistakes, to test things (even if we continue to test when we are more confirmed),… ect. And then after, we can correct ourselves and by the time we get to “confirmed blogger”, we are better prepared to face the biggest challenges.

A beginner blog creates initiative in the beginner blogger and teaches him to be self-taught, to learn a lot on his own. It’s a strong point!

5– A beginner’s blog also allows you to develop expertise in a particular field: gardening, photography, drawing, etc. And yes, you can become an expert and take advantage of your status as a lever to do something else, such as giving seminars, doing internships, maybe even pass a diploma in vae, validation of acquired experience (it depends).

6 – Finally, we get there, it’s the only place where you can easily create a small business without being asked your social status, your diplomas, your experience, or you can start from scratch, as a beginner, and learn little by little, and for less than 30 euros a year.

7– We can start a blog starting part-time and have it in parallel with a job, a job, with a publication rate of 1 article per week, and stick to it, it can go like that , many do and succeed!

3 disadvantages of a beginner blog

1– The beginner’s blog is a long-term, long-term job. This can lead to discouragement and abandonment. Having significant traffic takes time, except if you have money to pay on google adwords, making it profitable also takes time, you have to be persistent and patient … And again, there are good sides, since it allows to harden on the perseverance side.

2– It’s a virtual world, meetings are often done online. This can represent a potential risk of locking yourself in too much and not disconnecting. (I say it for myself too). So you have to meet in real life with other bloggers, but know how to surround yourself and go out with friends for example.

3- The blog can be seen as an activity that is not serious professionally, but as fun. For example in life, you say that you are a professional blogger, it is not something really recognized, especially if you are a beginner it does not help matters. In some place, you are doing something useless for others and even for a boss. But it’s up to you to sell yourself, and then personally, I think it’s not useless at all because a blog is a support for working.