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Hosting benefits you should know

When we use the generic term “hosting” to talk about an online colocation hosting service, what is it really? Web hosting, cloud hosting, e-mail hosting? Is there a difference between free and paid accommodation?

In order to help you find your way around better, today we are offering an educational article that answers the following question:what are the differences betweenweb hostingand e-mail hosting?

Internet or email, several types of web hosting

cheap email hosting or email hosting, let’s start with definitions:

Website hosting describes the storage space of files for a website. They’re stored using one or more servers and allow a complete site to go online (e-commerce site, display site, web log, etc.).

Email hosting is specialized in the storage space of electronic mails (emails). This type of hosting only refers to the storage space of information concerning emails but hosts that are certain Info manual permit you to combine the two.

Does the huge difference appear clear and clear to you? But, every thing becomes confused when some hosts offer both solutions and never take time to separate their provides.

Web and best email hosting that is e-mail complementary solutions

The functioning of a website to understand the differences between the two forms of hosting that interest us today, and especially their complementarity, let us detail in a simple way.

cheap email hosting

To operate, a website needs a domain name ( and hosting, which can store files particular towards the CMS. You also need e-mail hosting, that allows you to have an address of the kind These three elements (domain name, hosting and e-mail hosting) can be managed by three different providers. Yes, you can use three hosts that are different! But it is common today to see packaged provides that combine all.

You’ll purchase your domain name, web mail and hosting management all at once. Simpler, but you have the possibility if you want to separate each accommodation.

Infomaniak web + mail offer

Let’s return to the presentation of the whole, given that you have got this eyesight of this three elements that are distinct mail365 an online site to be functional.

> Domain name web hosting means entrusting the management of the true name of your site to a service provider. You register this  title with a domain name registrar.

> Web hosting is a  service that allows your website to be available by a web browser. Your web content is hosted on a server.

> Email web hosting is a service-focused solely in the handling of communications saved on a server. It may be the same server hosting the content of your website or a server managed by another host. It is also possible to have an alternative solution, with two different servers but managed by the hosting company that is same.

Principal selection requirements

A email that is good plan should focus on the following aspects:

Accessibility: your mailboxes and email records must be available all of the  time to permit you to focus on your activity.

Safety: your e-mail reports must certanly be protected from various computer threats. Strong anti-spam and protection that is anti-virus be provided.

Unlimited: A plan offering an unlimited number of cheap ssl certificate uk records will provide you with more freedom, without constraints.

Newsletter: if you are marketing via email if you use your email accounts in a professional context, it can be interesting to have access to advanced Newsletter tools.

Server not blacklisted: Spam is bad. Ensure that your host will not be blacklisted for massive e-mail giving or worse …

In this way to check if your easily email server just isn’t blacklisted!

Select a dedicated e-mail web hosting

There are complete offers that combine all the services, and offers that are specialized. Only web hosting, or only email hosting. The following is our selection of three vendors who can give you a e-mail solution that is tailor-made.

Infomaniak e-mail web hosting

The Swiss hostInfomaniak offers its Workspace solution, an client that is e-mail in Switzerland. This messaging that is collaborative a professional option to Exchange or Zimbra. It integrates task management between users, provided address publications, but in addition personalization solutions (signatures, automatic answering machine).Another advantage is the fact that size for the accessories is unlimited and the storage space is also unlimited.In regards to protection, 99.9percent of spam is immediately filtered and viruses are automatically neutralized.

See the offer

Hosting with o2switch e-mail reports

The French host and its unique offer will give you access to a Cpanel from which you can easily manage your email accounts. The o2switch tool “email accounts” present in their cPanel enables you to produce personalized e-mail details and of course to handle existing addresses linked to your additional domain names. Management is simplified at o2, right here it’s possible to: improve your quotas, delete several records, block the identification (login page), block the reception of e-mails, completely suspend messaging and access the webmail to consult the communications when required.

1 & 1 IONOS e-mail hosting

IONOS provides a pro email solution with three packs designed for businesses. With Email, Pro or Exchange solutions, you can entrust the management of your emails and rely on suitable accommodation.Emails are automatically encrypted with SSL / TLS, full anti-spam and anti-virus protection are included. You can synchronize your mailboxes between your PC (via the Webmail service of 1 & 1 IONOS) another computer and your smartphone. The most affordable Email Basic offer (€ 2 excl. Tax/month) provides 25 2 GB mailboxes. This number is doubled for € 5 excl with the Email Pro offer. Month Tax.

Hostpapa email web hosting

Hostpapa provides a few provides to businesses looking for a professional email hosting solution. The two most offers that are accessible “Basic e-mail” and “Advanced Email”. In the first offer, the box for each user is limited to 1 GB. It is not much, but the price is unbeatable (1 € / month and per user). In addition, you can benefit from advanced anti-virus and anti-spam protection Mail shell included and fat for accessories all the way to 35 MB. The “Advanced Email” offer seems much more suited to organizations that need versatility.We find the faculties regarding the classic offer and 5 GB of storage space per mailbox (email and file storage space).

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To sent and receive an email, an email is needed by you server. This temporarily stores messages until they are forwarded to your inbox or that of your recipient. Setting up and managing a mail that is clean requires plenty of knowledge, not forgetting the investment in servers and software licenses.Host container takes over these tasks and enables you to receive your crucial emails ( e.g. sales) with no hassle, and without extra assets.


Host container e-mail web hosting benefits:

No investment in a clean mail server

The installing of a cheap ssl certificate uk requires investments that are significant it is necessary to acquire a server and software and collaborators must be trained to maintain the mail server. Many tasks are also necessary daily for the functioning that is optimal of server and for the protection of your information. Hostbasket doesthis investment and maintenance for you. You take advantage of the Hostbasket infrastructure and you only pay an subscription that is affordable the services you actually utilize .


A survey that is recent shown that 80% of business data is located in the e-mail system. Sales, meetings with companies and customers, provides, are simply several samples of critical company information very often conveyed by email.

Hostbasketensures that the mail host information is backed up daily.Your data is therefore protected from any loss that is possible.

No more messagesEmail that is lost of Paramount importance for your business or company;Hostbasket has understood this and that’s why Hostbasket has given its designers a distinctive challenge: to make sure that no email message is ever lots.Hostbasketalways has mail servers available.You will never lose a message once more: Hostbasket promises it to you.

Always-on supply

Your e-mail system contains information that is valuable you use daily.These must , therefore, be optimally accessible!Hostbasketcontinuously invests in dependable servers and infrastructure, your data is obviously at hand

Many functions that are additional

Hostbasket Office mail, considering hosted trade, offers many additional functions, especially for large companies. So you can always consult the most recent version of your calendar via your PDA or Blackberry.Click right here for a total breakdown of the functions of workplace Mail.