It-bag of the moment:

The nineties bum bag is back!

The bum bag: fashion trends

Fashion girls have only that word in their mouths: “Banana”, “belt bag” or even “Fanny Pack” for purists. Very smart, in elegant or flashy leather, it transforms into a bohemian mini-pocket inserted in the belt, closer to the belt bag (the “sporran”) mythical of the Scottish kilt than the K-way banana of our school outings 80’s – 90’s. Even if the most advanced fashionistas will not be deprived.


Balenciaga in XL model leaning against the hip, grandma’s luxurious purse, passing by Chloé, Gucci, Marni, Marc by Marc Jacobs or Kenzo (who even made a multi-bag, multi-shape and multicolored patchwork), the Banana brings a deliciously regressive offbeat touch and is undoubtedly the strong fashion statement of the season.

For an elegant-smart look, opt for its precious leather version and, why not, ennobled with touches of fur and other refined details. We also like it in its bohemian and natural version, which alternates fringed details and rustic leathers and we worship it in bling-bling fashion, dripping with happy sequins.

Smart, sporty, glamping, party or boho, here are the associations that match. It’s your turn !


We want the twisted elegance of this little fashion touch that makes all the difference. We choose our elegant fannypack, in leather, mini or maxi, which we can match with a casual outfit.


You wrap your banana around your jacket, for a boldly redesigned size. To raise the fashion temperature, the plaid blazer is the very good idea of ​​the season. It’s snowing ? The bum bag also matches perfectly with (fake) fur!


Two options:

Low profile: with a fannypack XS attached to a thin strap that sublimates high waisted shorts. With a soft and flowing white shirt, this is the winning combo.

Sporty pop: colors that clash, an acid pencil skirt, a fun printed t-shirt and an XL banana that will stand out… and you too!


This is the sharpest banana, which draws its inspiration from nineties. We choose it athleisure and we accessorize it with a branded sweatshirt and sneakers. Sexier? The crop top t-shirt and its high-waisted mom jeans, a flawless one.


Bye the literal banana, bob and camera. Here she dares the printed shirt (floral, tropical, …). But we also like it in its bohemian folk version, in soft leather, with fringes, sand and lots of sun.

9 new ways to carry your handbag

By Sophie BillaudDounia Malki

Handbag mannequin

Were you used to carrying your bag in your hand or over the shoulder? Forget everything. You can keep it on a leash, put it around your neck or on a tray.

When it comes to handbags, it’s a bit like in Game of Thrones: several schools compete and mini-wars are raging inside the Allied camps.

This season, we have classic bags on one side and neo-bags on the other.

In the camp of the classics, we find the traditional ports: at the bleeding of the elbow, at the shoulder, at arm’s length, over the shoulder or even on the back.

In the neo camp, we carry our bag in a delirious way: bag to tie around the waist, to carry in the back, in survival kit, to pull like a shopping cart, to wear around the neck, to hold in leash, to wear under the arm or on a tray.

Which handbag port is right for you?

The eyes may be the mirror of the soul, but your purse also says a lot about you. Besides, the way you wear it depends on your lifestyle, your job and your personality.

Are you a backpacker, still running between two planes? Backpacks, shoulder bags, survival kits and other trolleys are made for you.

Do you like to walk around and have your hands free? The bags to wear around the neck, in the back or in survival kit will perfectly suit your desires and needs.

Are you mega sharp? It is on a leash, on a tray or under the arm that you will carry your handbag.

Do you have a lot of things to do every day? Your duo should carry your handbags.

Are you a clubbeuse? A pouch or bag to keep on a leash and you’re ready to party

Obviously, one can perfectly be a clubber at night, a backpacker on weekends and a businesswoman during the week. That’s why a handbag is never enough for us!